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Etiquette Classes

Etiquette Classes

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Class meets: Sundays, February 18 - March 18
Fowler Park Recreation Center

Elementary Etiquette is for 1st through 5th grade boys and girls and focuses on manners, socialization and communication.  Classes are fun, interactive sessions to engage the children in discussion and activities. Lessons will include:  Meet and greet essentials, rules of introduction, eye contact, phone and technology manners and safety, gift giving and receiving, thank you notes, party manners, good hygiene, appropriate dress, and teasing and bullying avoidance. Time: 2:30 - 3:30 pm

Junior Etiquette is for 6th through 10th grade boys and girls and focuses on the important aspects of socialization, communication and responsible independence.  The goal of the courses is to launch confidant youth into a successful pattern for life.  Lessons will include: Social behavior - Introductions, shaking hands, self-presentation skills, how to walk, sit and stand and our voice, telephone etiquette, technology, email and social networking etiquette, grooming and hygiene, respect and courtesy for friends, family, teachers and the boss, table manners for all occasions, thank you notes, RSVP and correspondence, distinctive speech, interview skills, the art of small talk, sportsmanship and responsible independence and thinking about your future. Time: 4 - 5:30 pm. 

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