Tennis Programs

Forsyth County Parks and Recreation offers tennis programming for ages 5+ at various courts around the county. Please see the tennis lesson descriptions to find the perfect program for you or your child!  REGISTER NOW!

Hot Shots - 
Ages 5 – 7
Have fun learning tennis fundamentals!  Children will participate in fun games and drills to increase general athleticism and improve gross motor skills.  Bring a racquet. 

Junior Rec - Ages 7 – 10 and 11 – 15
Through fun, skill-building games beginners through advanced beginners will learn and develop fundamental tennis strokes.  Students are encouraged to repeat this class until they feel confident with the fundamental strokes. Bring a racquet.  

Junior Drills - Ages 10+
This program is the next step for aspiring tennis players who are preparing for match play, competition or team tennis.   Class will consist of drills, stroke development, foot work, getting the ball in to play and also introduce match play strategy. 

Junior Tennis Academy - Ages 11 - 18

This program is provided by Tennis Academy of the South (TAS) and is a high level tennis training for motivated tennis players who want to play high school tennis, become a state/sectional ranked player and/or play in college.  On court training includes intensive court drills, match tactics, conditioning, mental toughness training and tournament coaching.  TAS sets up goals and objectives for each student, sets up match play and meets with parents to show them how to help build the players game.  

Adult Tennis 101 - Ages 16+
This program is for players new to tennis or returning to the sport after some time and will focus on basic strokes and fundamentals. Class will teach forehand, backhand, serve, volley, and scoring.  Students will continue to build on skills and techniques each session.  Students are encouraged to repeat this class until they feel confident with the fundamental strokes.

Adult Tennis 201 - Ages 16+
The next step for aspiring tennis players, continue to develop stroke mechanics and work on getting the ball in to play.  This will also introduce participants to match play strategy. 

Adult Drill and Play - Ages 16+
This class is designed for the student who is able to serve without much double faulting, can keep score and ready to practice strategy involved in the game of doubles as well as singles. Forty five minutes will be devoted to stroke development and the last 45 minutes to supervised match play. 

Adult Rec League - Ages 16+
Have fun playing tennis in a round-robin format!  Players must know rules of tennis, how to score and how to serve. There will be 3 sets played with modified scoring to prevent long playtime. Participants need to bring a can of unopened hard court tennis balls on the first day.

Private Lessons
Manny Baeza - 770-841-7506

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