Park Projects


Big Creek Greenway - Phase 5 Trailhead
Locations: 1605 Canton Hwy
Project Scope: Design of trailhead, renovation of the Natural Resource Management Operations Center and land acquisition 
Anticipated completion: Mid-Late 2022 

Eagle's Beak Park - Phase 2
Location: 8420 Old Federal Road 
Project Scope: Master plan, construction design and development
Anticipated Completion: January 2022
Master Plan Schematic

Lanierland Park - Phase 2 
Location: 6115 Jot-Em-Down Road
Project Scope: Master plan, construction design and development
Anticipated Completion: Late 2022

Master Plan Schematic
3D Images 

Matt Community Park Recreation Center
Location: 6555 Wallace Tatum Road
Project Scope: Facility design
Anticipated Completion: TBA

Sawnee Mountain Preserve - Phase 4 
Location: 4075 Spot Road 
Project Scope: Master plan, construction design and development
Anticipated Completion: Mid 2023
Master Plan Schematic - Barker Overlook
Master Plan Schematic - Spot Road 

Wildcat Creek Park
Location: Northeast Forsyth County along Lake Lanier
Anticipated Completion: TBD
Master Plan Schematic
Master Plan Report 


Bennett Park 
Location: 5930 Burruss Mill Road 
Project Scope: Update master plan, construction design and development 
Anticipated Completion: Summer 2023 

Big Creek Greenway - Phase 1 Renovation

Location: McFarland Parkway to Union Hill Road
Project Scope: Assessment of phases 1-3, design of new boardwalk, renovation and replacement of boardwalk sections as funding allows
Anticipated Completion: Late October 2021 

Central Park Recreation Center Expansion 
Location: 2300 Keith Bridge Road
Project Scope: Site design, building master plan, construction design and development 
Anticipated Completion: Early 2023

Sharon Springs Park 
Location: 1950 Sharon Road 
Project Scope: Site master plan update, construction design and development of park 
Anticipated Completion: TBD
Master Plan Schematic 

Midway Park
Location: 2100 Post Road 
Project Scope: Construction design and renovation 
Anticipated Completion: June 2022

Sawnee Mountain Park 
Location: 3995 Watson Road 
Project Scope: Construction design and renovation 
Anticipated Completion: November 2021

Coal Mountain Park 
Location: 3560 Settingdown Road 
Project Update: Project is on hold awaiting final design of the Coal Mountain Connector Road, right of way determination, and round-about design
Anticipated Completion: 2023

Big Creek Greenway Phase 5
Phase 5A will add 2.3 miles and phase 5-B will add 2.4 miles.  A one mile section will connect phase 5-A and phase 5-B along Hwy 20 and this portion will be completed as part of the GDOT Widening Project

Caney Creek Preserve
Landscape improvements of entrance areas, creating of new footpath entrance, and hiking trails renovation

Shady Grove Campground
main drive asphalt resurfacing; water/sewer line replacement; bath houses renovation 

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