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These park Improvements are paid for out of SPLOST 7b funds and the budget is a little over $514,000.

The site plans attached do show most of the improvements and generally speaking those involve the following:

1. Installing new landscaping (trees, shrubs, perennials, grass) irrigation, fencing, and sidewalks at both park entrances. This work will make the park entrance look a lot more attractive and connect to the sidewalks on Caney Rd.
2. Renovate the lawn areas around the park entrances (add new grass and irrigation, there are a lot of bare areas w/o any turf)
3. On the west side of the park, renovate the landscape islands/planters in front of the restroom along the promenade. 
4. On the west side, fix the decorative water play feature (new surface and function button).
5. At the dog park- repair the fence and add lower rails.
6. On the east side of the park, work includes re-grading the open field on top of the hilltop and then seeding and irrigating it. The end result will be a more level maintained grass open play field.
7. On the east side of the park, renovate the landscape islands/planters going up the steps to the hilltop.
8. Also install pedestrian activated cross walk warning system at the east park entrance and in front of the Glen Moor neighborhood.
9. Rehab of the existing trail system and adding an additional ¼ mile of new trail where feasible to reroute user created social trails.

Anticipated completion is expected around the end of January, first of February weather dependent.

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