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What is a community service worker?
Community service workers are individuals who have documentation from the court or a lawyer stating they need to complete community service hours. Community service workers are not employees of Forsyth County and will not be paid any compensation for the community service hours performed.  

Scope of Work

Community Service Workers will be assigned janitorial type work such as general cleanup of parks and facilities to include trash pickup/removal, washing windows, dusting, mopping, cleaning restrooms, vacuuming, spreading mulch and pine straw.  Other assignments will be considered if the community service worker has a trained skill.

Potential community service workers must complete an application, agree to the conditions and waiver and provide official written documentation stating that they are required to complete court ordered community service hours, as well as the specifics of the offense. 
 A submitted application does not guarantee work.    

Applications must be submitted to the Fowler Park Administrative Office located at 4110 Carolene Way, Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5 pm.  

FCPRD will accept persons with misdemeanors in the following categories:
- Driving under the influence of alcohol
- Under-age drinking of alcohol (We will not accept the person who gives the underage person alcohol)
- Traffic violations (driving with no insurance, speeding, parking tickets, not paying traffic fines) 
- Trespassing in lawful locations
- Curfew violations  

FCPRD Department will not accept individuals who have been charged with the following:
- Theft of any kind
- Violent crime of any kind
- Illegal drug crime
- Sexual crime of any nature
- Harassment
- Vandalism of any kind, including destruction of property, etc.
- Fraud
- Terroristic Threats  
- Any felony

Forsyth County Parks & Recreation Department (FCPRD) reserves the right to deny any individual seeking court-ordered community service hours the opportunity to work with the organization based on the nature, type and/or specifics of their offense. 

Use of County Vehicles

Community service workers are not allowed to operate mechanized County vehicles, however, they may be transported in county vehicles. If a community service worker drives their personal vehicle as part of the duties, their personal automobile insurance policy will be considered as the primary insurance. Any accidents should be immediately report to the Supervisor. Community service workers using personal vehicles are required to have at least the minimum liability insurance limits that are mandated by Georgia law. No reimbursement for gas or mileage will be provide by the County.

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