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About the Preserve

Located just 40 miles north of Atlanta in Cumming, Georgia, Sawnee Mountain Preserve provides visitors with 821 acres of scenic passive space that includes 11 miles of hiking trails, picnic areas and an interactive Visitor Center.

Sawnee Mountain Preserve visibly links to the summit of the Blue Ridge Mountain Range, as well as the rich history of the woodland culture of North Georgia’s Native American inhabitants. The mountain is named after a local Cherokee Native American, Sawnee. Now, after having survived the passage of time, natural disasters, searches for gold, timber clearing, and urban development, the land has been preserved.

There is much to see and do at Sawnee Mountain Preserve. A popular destination is the Indian Seats, a natural rock formation at the top of the trail system, offering a beautiful setting to enjoy views of the North Georgia Mountains.


Sawnee Mountain Preserve offers 11 miles of wooded trails for walkers, runners and hikers to explore the mountain. Trail options range from easy to difficult. Visitors can wander past abandoned gold mines and venture up the mountain on the Indian Seats Trail to enjoy long range views of the of Blue Ridge Mountains. Interpretive signs are located along the trail for visitors to learn about the natural and cultural history of the area.

Important Trail Information:
Dogs are not permitted at the preserve.

Trail Access Points:
4075 Spot Road
2500 Bettis-Tribble Gap Road
2505 Bettis-Tribble Gap Road

Trail Hours:
November to February - 6 a.m. - 7 p.m.
March to October - 6 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.


Sawnee Mountain Preserve Visitor Center


The Center features interactive exhibits on the natural and cultural histories of Sawnee Mountain and a resource library/lounge for visitors to relax and read.  


Monday - Saturday
Free Admission
(770) 781-2217


4075 Spot Road
Cumming GA 30040
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Facility Rentals


The amphitheater located at 2500 Bettis-Tribble Gap Road provides a unique woodland backdrop for a larger outdoor gathering or ceremony. The cost is $100 for 4 hours and $25 for each additional hour, with a minimum reservation of 4 hours. This includes electricity and room for 120 guests with bench seating. No grilling or fires are allowed. Restrooms are available on site. Please call (770) 781-2217 for reservation information.


The Classroom is located inside the Visitor Center at 4075 Spot Road and is great for family gatherings, birthday parties, meetings, and groups. The cost is $50 per hour plus a $300 security deposit. This includes 25 tables and 50 folding chairs. Please call (770) 781-2217 for reservation information. The maximum capacity is 50 seated. The room is handicap accessible.

Picnic Pavilions

Reserve one of the four picnic pavilions at Sawnee Mountain Preserve. Each pavilion is available for $50 / 4 hours or $75 / +4 hours. Two of the pavilions are located at 2500 Bettis-Tribble Gap Road and seat 12 people each. Two additional pavilions are located at 2505 Bettis-Tribble Gap Road and seat 24 people each, these two pavilions are located next to the playground and restrooms. No grilling or fires are allowed.

  • Pavilion

    Seats 12
  • Pavilion

    Seats 24
  • Classroom

    50 People
  • Amphitheater

    Seats 120

Programs and Activities

Forsyth County Park and Recreation offers various types of nature and adventure programming throughout the year.


 Visitor Center

Enjoy learning about the history of Sawnee Mountain and the wildlife that calls it home with our interactive and educational kiosks throughout the visitor center! For more information on our resident animals, follow the links below!

Corn Snake: Maizy

Eastern Box Turtle: Gamera

Eastern Milk Snake: Snakers

Gray Tree Frog: Mr. Frog

 Outdoor Adventure 

The camps at Sawnee Mountain Preserve combine outdoor adventure experiences with environmental education in an effort to give campers an opportunity to grow the confidence needed to be productive and satisfied members of their communities. We want campers to discover their best self and we believe the great outdoors is just the place to make it happen.

Our outdoor camps for youth ages 4 to 15 help campers build the right skills for positive recreational adventure pursuits and future success. While campers are having the time of their life exploring, creating, discovering, paddling, climbing, hiking, riding, zipping and learning in North Georgia, much more is happening. Campers are developing everlasting interpersonal and intrapersonal skills as well as learning to love and respect their environment. Signup Online

Sawnee Mountain Preserve offers a variety of outdoor adventure experiences all year long. We strive to provide a safe and enriching environment where participants can grow emotionally, socially, and physically. Whether you’re climbing high in our giant white oak tree, accomplishing goals on our climbing tower or enjoying scenic views while paddling one of North Georgia’s river, outdoor adventure recreation programs at Sawnee Mountain Preserve are fun and great for the whole family! Signup Online

Want to learn a new skill or refine your technique? Sawnee Mountain Preserve offers multiple outdoor adventure education opportunities including basic rock climbing, belaying, rappelling, anchor building, knot tying, basic tree climbing, and kayak roll instruction. All educational programs are facilitated by our most experienced instructors that will provide a safe, fun environment and teach you the skills needed to become a more confident and competent adventurer! To learn more about these opportunities and scheduling, please call (770) 781 – 2217.

Home School Program
A 12 Week Science Course Designed Specifically for Home School Families

Image of homeschool program. Children collecting samples in stream

Students will learn elementary science skills through the exploration of our beautiful trail system, direct observation of forest ecosystems, live experiments, and individual attention from our experienced naturalists. Students will also develop language arts skills as they observe, describe, and communicate about the world around them. Sign up Online

  • Family Focused
  • Hands On Learning
  • Social Interactions
  • Unique Educational Experiences
  • Break From Usual Routine
  • Consistency

Ages 5+
Dates Offered Spring and Fall
Day Wednesdays
Time 1:30 - 3 pm 
Fee $120.00/person (resident); Fee + 20% (non-resident)

 Pre-school Program
Little Explorers at Sawnee Mountain Preserve

Image of preschool program. Children playing with worms.

Join us for this 12 week science course designed specifically for Pre-K children! Participants will explore the amazing, diverse environment of Sawnee Mountain Preserve in a safe and stimulating setting. Through nature awareness games, hands-on field science, nature hikes, nature inspired art, storytelling, and experiments, participants learn to observe, appreciate, and ask questions about the world around them.  Each session offers a different theme!  
Sign up Online

  • Hands On Learning
  • Social Interactions
  •  Gross Motor Skills

Ages 3-5
Dates Offered Spring and Fall  
Day Tuesdays or Thursdays 
Time 1:30 - 3 pm
Fee $120/person (resident); Fee + 20% (non-resident)

 Schedule an Adventure

Please call (770) 781-2217 for more information or to make a group reservation.

 Paddling Adventures

Experience the gorgeous rivers of North Georgia or Lake Lanier on one of our paddling adventures! Great for groups who want to learn basic canoeing, tour kayaking or stand up paddle boarding. All equipment is provided. 
Cost Varies


Climbing experiences at Sawnee Mountain Preserve are great for groups, clubs, families and birthday parties. We offer recreational rock climbing at the Indian Seats, tower climbing and tree climbing. 
Cost: $30 per participant ($ 180.00 minimum); ages 6 and up

Nature Hikes

Let our experienced naturalist guide your group on an amazing nature hike on Sawnee Mountain’s beautiful trail system.  Participants will explore the remarkable complexity of the Sawnee Mountain Forest while learning more about the plants and animals that call our forest home.  Great for private schools, scouts, and other groups. Offered for all ages and last two hours. 
Cost: $10/person (minimum of 6 people)