Big Creek Greenway

Trail Status as of January 5, 2023

Due to the recent rain, the Big Creek Greenway is impassable at mile 1.5 beneath McFarland Rd and at mile 3.0 beneath the Hwy 400 bridge. The remaining open portions of the trail have an abundant of amount of mud and debris that will be cleared over the next few days. 


1. A renovation project is ongoing from mile 3.5 to 4.5 just south of Fowler Park which is expected to be completed in late February.
2. A repair project is underway just south of the Bethelview Trailhead at mile 8.0 which is expected to be completed by next week.  

Updates will be provided as they are available.  

Trail Access Points

The greenway trail can be accessed at the following locations.  Each trailhead features parking and bathroom facilities.

Halcyon Trailhead - 
6265 Cortland Walk 
Union Hill Trailhead - 5259 Union Hill Road (TEMPORARILY CLOSED)
Fowler Park Trailhead - 4110 Carolene Way 
Bethelview Trailhead - 5120 Bethelview Road 
Sawnee Mountain Preserve Trailhead - 4075 Spot Road

Trail Hours

March thru October - 6:00 am to 9:30 pm
November thru February - 6:00 am to 7:00 pm

What is a Greenway?

A greenway is a linear park. It is about conservation, recreation, environmental education and alternative transportation. The Big Creek Greenway in Forsyth County is a 12-foot wide concrete and boardwalk path that offers an ideal setting for walking, running and biking.

Interactive Map

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• Use trail only during permitted hours
• No littering
• No smoking
• No alcohol or drugs
• No vehicles, off-road vehicles or golf carts
• No horseback riding
• No camping off of greenway
• All pets on a leash
• Pedestrians have the right of way
• Greenway is not designed for high-speed use; please do not exceed 15-mph
• Please self-monitor your speed by not exceeding 110 feet in 5 seconds 
• Per Georgia law, no person under the age of 16 years shall operate or be a passenger on a bicycle on a highway, bicycle path, or sidewalk under the jurisdiction or control of this state or any local political subdivision there of without wearing a bicycle helmet.


Safety Tips
• Use the trail only during permitted hours.
• Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.
• Stay on the trail surface.
• Stop, look and yield to traffic at crossings. 
• Cyclists and skaters should wear helmets. 
• Visitors are encouraged to use the buddy system and use the trail in pairs or groups.
Etiquette Tips
• Be courteous and respectful to other users.
• Respect the privacy of adjacent landowners.
• Travel in a consistent and predictable manner.
• Keep right as you use the trail. Pass on the left and give a courteous and audible signal of your intention to pass.
• Clean up your litter - help keep the trail clean for others.

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Our Mission

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Our Vision

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