Tennis and Pickleball Courts

Fowler Park

4110 Carolene Way, Cumming
12 tennis courts

Central Park 

2300 Keith Bridge Road, Cumming
8 tennis courts

Sharon Springs Park
1950 Sharon Road, Cumming
8 tennis courts
(pickleball lines court #7 and #8)

Sawnee Mountain Park
3995 Watson Road, Cumming
4 tennis courts

Midway Park
5100 Post Road, Cumming
2 tennis courts (pickleball lines)
         Coal Mountain Park
3560 Settingdown Road, Cumming
2 tennis courts (pickleball lines)

Matt Community Park
6555 Wallace Tatum Road, Cumming
6 tennis courts   

Tennis/Pickleball Court Rules
- Unsportsmanlike conduct, verbal or physical abuse directed towards park staff, officials, volunteers, coaches or spectators is prohibited. 
- Private instruction, organized groups and commercial activity is prohibited without a permit.
- Courts are available first come, first served basis unless reserved for an activity. 
- Courts are intended for tennis or pickleball activities only. 
- Animals are prohibited on the courts and in the spectator areas. 
- Place trash in the provided waste receptacles. 
- Vaping, tobacco, smoking and alcohol are prohibited.
- Food and drinks with the exception of waters is prohibited on the courts.
- Glass bottles or containers are prohibited.
- Folding chairs and any type of outdoor furniture is prohibited on the courts.
- Hitting, throwing or kicking balls against fences and buildings is prohibited. 
- Players must wear appropriate athletic attire; soft rubber soled shoes are required. 
- Bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, motorized vehicles and children's play toys are prohibited on the courts and in the spectator areas.
- If players are waiting to use the courts, limit play time to one hour if you do not have a reservation. 

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Working together to enrich the community by providing safe, clean and inclusive parks and recreation.

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