Birthday Parties

Nature Adventure Packages

This package includes a two (2) hour room rental and your choice of two of the below themed programs. Our professional instructors will guide participants through all activities which will run for approximately an hour total. All games and crafts can be customized to fit your participant’s interests. The program will start once the guests have all arrived or 15 minutes after the scheduled rental time whichever comes first. After the activities have finished, you will have 45 minutes – 1 hour to relax with your friends and enjoy refreshments.

Our staff will set the room up with tables and chairs for you and your guests. You are welcome to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of your rental to decorate. At that time if you would like to add or take away tables and chairs, our staff can help you. At the end of your rental, you will be responsible for sweeping floors and taking trash to dumpster, our staff will be responsible for disinfecting the room and putting tables and chairs away.

Adventure Games - Our instructors will have a variety of active games and hands-on activities such as nature-themed tag games, name games, bug hunt, or problem-solving/challenge games for all ages.

Animals Encounter - Our instructors will introduce and educate participants to a few of our resident animals kept at Sawnee Mountain Preserve.

Creature Crafts - Our instructors will lead participants through nature or animal themed crafts that you can take home afterward.

Outdoor Adventure Packages

Your three (3) hour package includes either the Tree or Tower Climbing and Zip Lining along with picnic tables you may use for refreshments. Our experienced instructors will take participants through equipment fittings and safety and climbing instruction. Participants will be able to take breaks for snacks and drinks as needed then continue climbing when they are ready. Your time will finish up with participants zipping down the 100+ foot gravity zip line. You will be responsible for ensuring all trash is placed into available trash cans.

Tree Climb and Zip Line - Participants will be able to climb as high as 75 feet, walk along tree limbs, or just swing around as our trained instructors guide you through the basics of tree climbing.

Tower Climb and Zip Line - Participants will be able to challenge yourself as you climb as high as 40 feet on our climbing tower! Multiple routes of varying difficulty will be available to climb.

To request an adventure package, fill out the request form or for more information, please call (770) 781-2217


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