Environmental Education Field Trips - Spring 2022

    Field Trip Options

    Forsyth County Parks & Recreation is pleased to offer environmental education field trip programs for homeschool and traditional school students who are currently participating in virtual learning. Students will be connected to local history, geography, and the environment through hands-on learning opportunities that align with the Georgia Standards of Excellence. Participants will have opportunities to use wildlife biology tools and methods, collect data, hike through diverse habitats while identifying its components, examine and identify real fossil specimens, and/or act like a bear foraging for food. These field trips are designed for students in grades 
    K – 5. 

    Alive in The Forest
    Animal and Plant Hike: Exploring similarities and differences in animals and plants
    Grades: K-5
    Date/Days: 03/25/2022
    Time: 10 am - 12 pm
    Location: Sawnee Mountain Preserve 

    Plants and Animals 
    Animal Characteristics: Exploring animal and plant characteristics and what they need to survive. 
    Grades: K-5
    Date/Days: 04/15/2022
    Time: 10 am - 12 pm
    Location: Sawnee Mountain Preserve

    Stream, Field, and Forest
    Streams, Field, and Forest: I
    nvestigate the impact humans have on animal and plant life in the environment. 
    Grades: K-5
    Date/Days: 05/06/2022
    Time: 10 am - 12 pm 
    Location: Sawnee Mountain Preserve 

    Bear Went Over the Mountain 
    Ecology, Biology, and Geology: 
    Investigate different habitats of the black bears in Georgia. Explore differences between rocks and minerals in each regions of Georgia and how the bears have adapted to their habitat.
    Grades: K-5
    Date/Days: 04/22/2022
    Time: 9:30 am - 12 pm
    Location: Sawnee Mountain Preserve

    Sawnee Mountain Hike and Natural History 
    Indian Seats Hike: 
    Discover the ecosystem of Sawnee Mountain and how living things depend on each other (food chain) and how they adapt to their environment for survival.
    Grades: K-5
    Date/Days: 04/29/2022
    Time: 10 am - 12 pm
    Location: Sawnee Mountain Preserve 

    *The above educational programs are $10 for Forsyth County residents and $12 for nonresidents.* 


    Nature Hike Request

    Nature Hikes are for all ages and the fee is $10 per person with a $60 minimum. Let our experienced naturalist guide your group on an amazing nature hike through Sawnee Mountain's beautiful trail system. Participants will explore the remarkable complexity of the Sawnee Mountain ecosystem while learning about the plants and animals that call our forest home. Great for private schools, scouts, and other groups.

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