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Therapeutic Recreation programs offer individuals with specific needs an opportunity to enhance socialization, independence and overall quality of life through recreation and leisure activities. 

A Participant Information Form
 (PIF) must be completed and filed with the Forsyth County Parks & Recreation’s therapeutic recreation (TR) office prior to participating in any program or event. The PIF contains extremely important information which is necessary for staff to plan and execute safe and enjoyable programs. 

Program buddy information: A program buddy is a family member or friend who attends the program with the participant to help them stay on task and have fun.  Program buddies do not need to register for the program unless noted in the description.  For art programs, buddies will not complete their own project.  Participants who are an elopement risk MUST attend with a program buddy. All program buddies must be pre-approved by staff.  

For more information about therapeutic recreation programs or to gain approval for program buddies, please contact Jeff Jones, Therapeutic Recreation Supervisor.

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